About the Artist

Though I’ve been an artist all my life, my journey to become a professional visual artist began to take shape during the pandemic. Previously for 20 years, I had been a Chef using my creativity to concoct innovative foods and original plating designs whilst painting remained a personal joy and release, except for a few commissions and a small solo show.

Earlier in my life I had mentored in the fine arts, including metal smithing, ceramics and cloisenne with Linda Sherman before going to Otis School of Art and Design for Sculpture in Los Angeles. I left California to finish at UMass Boston in Art History.

During the Great Human Hiatus, I found more time to dedicate myself to the studio and decided to pursue a career in art. As the world has opened, I have shown my work in galleries around Central New York and have become an active member of the Salmon River Fine Arts Center and the Art Association of Oswego.

I also am a lover of music no matter the genre, an avid gardener and very passionate about all animals except mosquitoes.